Welcome Members

Due to COVID-19 the Membership year was extended to Dec 31st 2020. We will then request all renewing members to pay for years membership which runs from Jan-Dec every year.

  • Any returning members from before this season (ie who haven't played since Sep 2019), will have to re-join and fill in the new Membership Application Form see the page Join.

Please Note:

- Subs are due by 31st Dec 2020, if you join after this date please fill in the new Membership Form
- Payment can be made by Cash or Cheque (made payable to "Buckingham Billiards Club )
and be placed in a sealed envelope, together with this form, and dropped in the "white
box" in the snooker room. Please write your name on the front of the envelope
- Alternatively payment can be made direct to our Bank Account as follows:
National Westminster Bank Buckingham
Buckingham Billiards Club
Sort Code 60-04-09,
Account No 47115475
Please state your full name followed by "annual fee" as the reference.
- If you choose to pay direct you must still complete this form and either place it the "white
box" or alternatively contact us directly.