Current Club News

As of 17th May 2021, the Snooker Club will re-open, but still follow rules for a Safe Operation. All members and guests should adhere to the opening procedures shown below.

  • Snooker playing times and opening procedure: To avoid any confusion, the Snooker Club will keep the same opening times & procedure for our members as we had in place before the closure (e.g contact the designated keyholder for that day displayed on the entrance door to open and close up if you are not a keyholder).
  • Keyholder Opening Responsibilities: On arriving at the club, the keyholder should open as usual then immediately wash their hands , the outer door and inner door should be kept closed! Any non-keyholders/guests entering should also wash their hands on entering to be safe.
  • Social Distancing: All members to adhere to social distancing signs and markers displayed (Ideally 2meters apart, but a minimum of 1meter is allowed for short periods) . Please follow the one-way system inside the snooker hall. (see attached diagram) how to move about in the snooker club. (move in an anticlockwise way especially important when the club gets busier).
  • Hand Sanitiser: Will be made available close to the main entrance to Slade (initially by the bar area) and again by the signing-in book inside the snooker hall. This may change later when the Bowlers start to use the club.
  • Snooker Hall Entrance Door: Snooker players should leave the snooker hall entrance door open (wedges will be provided), to minimise touching door surfaces, so players can see anyone else coming in and maintain social distance.
  • Snooker Visitor Log: A new A4 folder for Visitor Log with the information pre-printed A4 blanks sheets will be supplied. Entering members details plus any guest details into the log will be mandatory as we have to have a record of who has played at the club at what date & times, this is in case anyone becomes un-well, and can then be contacted. The Governments track and trace team advise that we need to fill in the following information:
  • o Date,
  • o Arrival Time
  • o Leaving Time
  • o Full Name
  • o Contact Phone Number
  • The above requested information should be provided for Members and Guests, and the information retained for a min of 21 days. Members must ensure any guests put the guest fee and contact details (name and phone no) of the guest on the outside of the envelope, and place this in the letter box.
  • Table usage: The first pair of players to arrive can choose to play on Table 1 (nearest the door) or T4 (far end of the room), the second pair of players to arrive should then play on a table furthest away from the one in use, ie T4 if T1 is in use. Please limit play to 1hr at a time when all tables are in use. If any members turn up and all 4 tables are in use, please waiting outside the snooker room until a table becomes available.
  • Protective clothing: Wearing of face masks and or gloves will be optional, emphasis should be on cleaning hands regularly and keeping your distance ideally to 2meters, but a min of 1 meter.
  • Self-Hygiene: Antiseptic wipes and hand sanitiser will be placed near each table to allow members to regularly clean their hands (ie between frames) and wipe down balls or surfaces as necessary, members are welcome to bring and use their own hand sanitizer, and can also wash their hands in the kitchen or toilets which might be more effective than hand gels.
  • Playing format & self-cleaning etiquette:
  • o To avoid too many people in the club, singles games should be played as a preference however doubles / triples can be played of the players come from two separate households.
  • o Players should nominate one person to clean down the snooker equipment (snooker balls, table rails, rests triangles, scoreboards etc) before playing, and this person should then be responsible for re-placing balls and setting up the balls at the beginning of each frame, throughout the match/game.
  • o They should then wipe down any equipment used/touched after in case the next pair of players forget to clean the equipment before starting.
  • o Reminders to follow this self-cleaning will be displayed on the snooker ball tray lids.
  • o No shaking hands before or after the snooker game is allowed.
  • Club Cues & Chalk: The club will remove all cues from the cue racks to avoid people using them. Chalk will also be removed from the club. Members should bring & use their own cues & chalk (most people do anyway). If someone does not have a cue/chalk, we can arrange for them to borrow a club cue if needed, and we can supply chalk if needed as well.
  • Food & Drink: No food will be allowed! Any drinks bought into the club must be soft drinks only and taken home to dispose of after each game/match is played.
  • Bins: As a result of the above, the club will remove any bins in the snooker hall, please do not leave any mess.
  • Toilet use: The committee agreed it would be safest to use the disabled toilet as there is a lock on the door which prevents entry and therefore avoids accidentally bumping into anyone. This is also the closest toilet to the snooker room so makes sense to use this first. If this is engaged, wait until it is free or if necessary, use the main men's toilet. If the men's toilet must be used, we recommend that the cubicle (instead of urinal) is used in case the engaged sign is not turned over on entering.
  • Cleaning down & Locking up the club: Before leaving the last person (a keyholder) must take an antiseptic wipe, from the snooker hall and wipe down the following:
  • o Any plug socket switches (after switching off) which have been used for the 4 electric heaters available.
  • o Snooker Hall Light Switch's (after turned off)
  • o Snooker Door Handle (after closing the door)
  • o The Alarm code (before setting it)
  • o Any light switches for the Bowls area (after turning them off)
  • o The Slade Inner door latch and handle (ensuring latch has been lifted) & inner keypad and door handles
  • o Outer door handles interior and exterior
  • o Finally lock the door.
  • Contacts in case you become un-well: Should any member/guest become unwell and or test positive for Covid-19, within 14 days of playing snooker, they must contact either of the following people asap:
  • o Martin Moors (Chairman) 07958 292660
  • o Alan Selby (Secretary) 07973 770693
  • We will then check the visitors log to see who has played snooker in the 14days since the date that the player last played and notify them all asap as a pre-caution. We will also inform members of the Bowls club committee as a courtesy.

20th Dec 2020, the Snooker Club has been forced to close due to entering Tier 4 lockdown conditions in Buckinghamshire. We will also remain closed under Tier 3 conditions due to a risk assessement done which concluded the club is not a safe environment to play snooker due to lack of exterior ventilation.

4th Nov 2020
The Snooker Club will shut again due to the Second National Lockdown. When the club does re-open we will follow the previous operating procedures for safe operation.

18h July 2020
The Snooker Club only will reopen its doors to our members, please refer to the new Guidelines sent by email to all members but can also be found in bullet points below.

22nd Mar 2020
Due to Corona Virus and in line with Goverment Directives, as of Sunday 22nd Mar 2020 the Snooker Club will be closed and remain closed until further notice.

20th Mar 2020 - Membership stands at 52 members

1st Jan -2020
2 Club Competitons for 2020 will start on 1st Jan, put your name down if your interested. Entry form is at the club on the right handside notice board. Free to enter, trophy for Winner & Runner up, plus high break in each.
Still a few membership cards to collect at the club on the notice board low down.

30th Nov
- We now have 48 paid up members.

16th Nov 2019
- We now have 45 paid up members.

28th Sep 2019
- Open day was held between 10am and 2pm, as a result 2 members joined.

15th September 2019
- The Snooker Club will Hold an Open Day on Saturday 28th September between 10am and 2pm.
- Anyone interested in playing snooker is welcome to pop into the club on this day where a member from the committee will be available to show you around and let you try out a few frames without any guest fee needed, but of course you will need to pay for the table light :-)
- Membership for the new season 2019-20 has just started so we welcome any new and old members to our club at anytime but especially now, if you can't make the open day but want to look around the club or want to become a member, then follow the links below on how to contact our secretary and how to join.

7th September 2019
- The 133rd AGM will take place on Thursday 19th September at 7.30pm at the club.

29th October 2018

- Subs are now due for the 2018/2019 season. The Committee has kept the fees the same as a last year but please do re-new ASAP.

- The 2019 Competition Entry Forms will be up in the club shortly. Please do get your names down. Matches begin early Jan 2019.
20th September 2017

- The 131st AGM took place last night. Members will be mail the minutes.
29th August 2017

- Note the 131st Annual General Meeting has been set for Tuesday 19th September 2017 at the club, 7:30pm

1. Chairman's welcome and opening remarks
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of the 130th AGM
4. Chairman's Report
5. Treasurer's Report
6. Election of Officers
7. Subscriptions
8. Any other business (at Chairman's discretion)

- As from 1st September, the light meters will accept only the NEW £1 coins. Please do not try to use the older £1 as they will not fit and most likely damage the meter.
4th December 2016

- Competitions are now underway have both been drawn. Please get your Round 1 match played as as soon as possible.

- The next phase of renovations have been approved and signed off. This will result in some disruption but for no more than 5 days. We will inform all current members when the work is due to commence.
4th October 2016

Thanks to all those who attended the 130th Buckingham Snooker Club AGM. Please do contact us if you were unable to attend but would like a copy of the minutes. A couple of points:

- The form is up in the club room for both the Club Championship and the Frank Bond Trophy. We need some more entries so please do get your names down for some friendly snooker action. So far we have the committee plus a few more and with 50+ members there's plenty of other folk who could take part.

Key Holders
- We are reaching out to anyone who would like to be a key holder to the club. In addition to making it easier for you to gain entry, we would also like to increase the amount of people available to open up and lock up on a daily basis for other members. In return for you having a key, it would be expected that on one day/evening in the week you could help out. Again, contact us should you be interested.
25th August 2016
The Annual General Meeting has been set:

28th SEPTEMBER 2016 AT 8pm.

1. Chairman's welcome and opening remarks
2. Apologies
3. Minutes of the 129th AGM
4. Chairman's Report
5. Treasurer's Report
6. Election of Officers
7. Subscriptions
8. Any other business (at Chairman's discretion)

Please do attend if you can.
4th Feb 2016
Our Treasurer, Ian Forman has called a "special meeting" for Wednesday 17th Feb at 6:30pm. Alll existing members are invited. This meeting is to discuss the proposed refurbishment of the club. Here's Ian's message:

Hi Guys,
Martin Moors is pleased to invite you to attend a special meeting of all snooker club members to be held at the club on Wednesday February 17th at 6:30pm.

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss some details of the proposed refurbishment of the club, for which we have already budgeted several thousand pounds. You may already know that one of our members, Bernard Aldous, has already agreed to be the project manager for this work and has been working hard (behind the scenes) preparing specifications and gathering estimates and quotes. At the meeting, Bernard will present his findings to date, and invite your comments and suggestions.

We would also like to know if any of you would be in a position to quote for some of the work or even volunteer to help out.

Much will depend on participation, but I cannot see the meeting lasting more than an hour.

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there, this is your opportunity to voice your opinion, before any work commences.

Could you also please "spread the word", about the meeting, to members for whom I do not have an e-mail address.

Ian Forman
24th Jan 2016
The Frank Bond Trophy 2015 Competition is now complete with Mr Ron Beckley reigning supreme by beating a tenacious Ress Carter in the final. Rees made an incredible 106 break and even that wasn't enough to halt Ron in his pursuit of victory. Well done Ron and well played Rees and thank you to all those that took part in this comp.
25th November 2015
The Club Championship for 2015 is now complete with Pete Dawson emerging victorious over Ron Beckley 4-2. The 6 frame final included a 47 break from Ron and a 36 break from Pete. Well played Pete and many thanks to all those that took part.