About Buckingham Snooker Club

The club was established way back in 1887 making it one of the oldest snooker clubs in the UK. Originally called the Buckingham Billiards Club, we were set up in the prestigious town hall in the centre of Buckingham town. With an ever growing membership and a demand for more tables, we moved to where we currently reside offering up 4 full size snooker tables. We are an integral part of the Slade Recreational Club which is home to the Slade Indoor Bowls Club. There is a full bar area and a huge indoor bowling green with ample free parking.

The club also has team, the Buckingham Bandits, in the Milton Keynes Snooker League (MKSL). They play home and away matches normally on a Monday night. We are looking to re-ignite a second team so please do enquire if this is of interest to you.

As a small business, your club is backed by an established committee of members ensuring you are getting the best from the club. We will shortly be commencing on some refurbishment of the snooker hall updating the facilities and refreshing the decor. This will not impact play at all. For reference, your current committee is as follows:

Tony Walton- Chairman
Martin Moors - Treasurer
Ian Forman
John Burns
John Dunkley
Tom Howes
David Witton
Ron Beckley
Alan Selby